GUI Suggestion: up arrow to edit last comment

TD;DR: up-arrow in comment input should edit last comment done.

A common thing is sending a comment without being too thorough and wanting to just edit the last message that was sent. A bit om magic is then to very quickly editing that comment without your hands ever leaving the keyboard by just pressing the arrow-up button.

I’ve seen this feature on Telegram and Slack, and I absolutely love it and it is so built-in in my everyday life in these platform. I would love to see it in Asana as well for the quick-phased communication that is absolutely been an improvement in combination with Asana Notifications.

More description of how I see it functioning:

  • The input field must be in focus
  • In arrow-up key keypressup event will trigger the edit comment function on the last message sent by you.
  • Only applies when the input-field is empty.
  • The comment being edited is scrolled to and/or highlighted.
  • Only applies if the last comment you wrote is the last in the chat. A bit unsure of this one, but your designers are better at this than me, :smiley: Maybe if it is in the last 5 or if its in view/loaded. Mostly to avoid going way up if the arrow-up key is pressed without more thought about how far up the comment is. :thinking:

Hi @Havard_Frantzen and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this awesome idea with us; I’ll makes sure to share them with the Team and to keep you posted on this thread when I’ve more update on this topic!

CC @Alex_Ryan and @Louis_Lafair :slight_smile:

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