Guests user permissions


We want to invite clients (as guests) into our teams to collaborate with us on projects we manage for them. We are extremely reluctant because… after doing a dummy guest account and giving access to a project:

  • they can change who owns the project.
  • they can remove any member/guest from the project,
  • they can change the project’s status from public to hidden, (combined with the above, they can effectively lock us out of our own project)
  • they can delete all our projects/ tasks

I don’t understand why all/some of this functionality is available for guests. They are outside of the organisation’s eco system, It is so much harder to stipulate how to behave within an ecosystem to a paying client than an employee.

I am paying for the professional version, I would like to be able to act professional to our clients, instead of being extremely unprofessional by saying…

“you can look, but don’t touch anything, OK, our software suite really sucks and allows you to nuke everything if you start playing around, so please don’t”


See this discussion: Asana User Permissions. I believe Asana is rolling out features on this that many of us are waiting for. We simply can’t use the tool effectively until the permissions are fully put into place.


100% on board with this as well. We want clients to be able to only access project progress and calendar, without access to our conversations and assignments. Should also be read-only so they are unable to alter or delete very important information.

Creating duplicate projects (one for clients, and one for project team) is not a great solution and creates more work for our PMs who are already extremely busy.

Big +1