Guests to View List of Tasks with Specific Tags



I want to give guests limited access to our workspace so they can only see the list of tasks related to their tag…so if I tag “Contractor A”, this task will be added to our current list of tasks tagged with Contractor A…Contractor A should be able to mark the task as complete and upload to the task.

I think this can be done if I can turn a tag into a project, but I don’t know how to do that…does anyone know how to do this or another workaround to achieve my goal?


Hi @Adam_Horowitz

The easiest option that springs to mind is to use multi-homing. Create a project, to which you invite your guest, and every time you assign them a task in other projects, you add it to their guest project. They can see all of their own tasks in one place, and any changes them make to those tasks will be synced in the other projects.

If you haven’t used multi-homing before, here’s a guide: