Guests assigning a task to any members in the Organization

Hi Asana Team,

We realized there is an issue regarding Task Assignee.
We have a project that is created under an organization.
The project team only comprises of certain organization members who were added/invited.

And as we share the project to some guests, we realized the guests are able to assign tasks to organization members who are not in the project team. Example our bosses whom are not meant to be in the project team (they have the organization domain). This is undesirable.

I read up and found out that this is a expected behavior for Guests to assign tasks to any members in the Organization.
However this will cause a lot of problems which I have mentioned earlier where our bosses or upper management may be spammed by unintended tasks assigned to them.

We are looking for a solution / workaround where the project is strictly for the invited team members only.

This is a known issue, discussed in another topic of the community, I’ll let the moderators move your request! cc @Marie

I’d say it relates to Limiting what users show up as Assignee options for tasks

Hi @Alan_Yeo! Thank you for reaching out!

I completely understand where you are coming from and thank you for taking time to share your experience with us! As you have mentioned, this is an expected behaviour and as @Bastien_Siebman commented, there are a few threads in the #productfeedback category regarding this topic. I see you have already commented on the thread shared by Bastien. I would also suggest to upvote it.

As it stands, I am afraid there is no workaround to restrict this but I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as I have more information to share regarding this topic.

Have a nice day Alan!