Guests - are they considered users?



I have a question regarding premium version. We are small team and we will use the 10 team members premium Asana but we may have many customers - signed up as quests there - would the count as users and we would have to pay extra for bigger packages? Or in this 10 user limit are only people from our own organization?



My understanding is that guests are only counted as users in the free edition. I believe in the premium edition you can have unlimited guests. You can verify by adding a guest and checking how many seats you have left. Not sure if there is a difference between guest as a Team Member or Project Member, but pretty sure unlimited guests at the project level for paid plans.


Guests have not been counted as users in the free edition earlier. A few months ago I got a notification that users have been counted wrong in the past and there will be a change (which now seems to be in effect). Actually they were not counted wrong in the past and in the specs for the free edition it was explicitely mentioned that guests do not count as users. So definition of the free edition has been changed here for the free edition even for existing users (which I am pretty disappointed about as this was a major reason for choosing Asana for me).


I just opened an Asana account and am pretty bummed about the limited users caveat. I have a huge team that is testing out various PM alternatives, but because of this limit there’s no way that we can test Asana together before making a decision. Probably going to end up going with ClickUp instead, since they offer unlimited users for their free plan.

Please consider allowing unlimited users on your free plan :slightly_frowning_face:. Love your interface, but since there are already a lot of restrictions in the free version, the limited user count makes it that much more difficult to test.


How can you get along with ClickUp with a limit of just 100 MB storage?


Hello, all. I have here a premium version and I am facing problems in adding a guest (the new guest is being counted as a new user). Any tips?

Thanks in advance