Guests and different Teams with premium Upgrade


Hi, I have a couple questions for the Asana premium update:

  • we have our core Team on asana, those are 5 tpeople

  • we would like to have some external people in a seperat team on asana, those will be 7-8, they collaborate with us from time to time and will have own projects and boards

now we would like to upgrade to premium for our core team. here are a couple questions:

  • if we have a premium project in the core team in which we have tasks for external people, could we add those people to the project without adding them to the team and without having to pay for more premium members?
  • can we also add customers as guests to the core team, so they can follow the progress, take over certain tasks and create new tasks?
  • how many guests can we have?
  • how many people can we have in the external team?

thanks for the help


I would suggest chatting with a Sales rep about creating a Premium subscription for your core team that allows for interaction with external users. This is possible.

Guests are granted the access you are looking for and there isn’t a limit on how many you can have.

If your external team is working from a free version, their limit of team members is 15.


@Jerod_Hillard is right, talk to the support, they will give you a customized answer.