Guest members getting "Waiting for approval" screen



I added a guest member to my project. They accepted the invite - something I can confirm by going to the Team Settings/Members page where their status (when I hover on their name) shows Remove or Grant Full Access instead of “Pending Invite”.
However when they try to access the project, they get a screen that says “Waiting for approval”.
Any thoughts why this would be?


For the new comer I think every member will receive a same email says waiting for approval . this is a notice information about that . only project owner approve. for others just ignore it .


Their access to project has already been approved. But when they try to login they continue to get “Waiting for approval” message.


Hi Girish , Hi @ Girish Have you tried these steps?


Hi @Girish_Reddy! Are they able to log into their Asana account altogether? If not, they probably haven’t verified their account yet! Keep us posted!


yes , this is key point