Guest Granted Temporary Member Status

Asana has very good functionality of switching between accounts. Super helpful!!

As an Asana Champion, I am often tasked with cleaning/setting up everyone’s Asana instance, and I very much enjoy that.

However, as people add my company email to their org, I am added as a guest and therefore have very limited ability. Which is expected.

I would like the ability for an admin to upgrade a guest to a paid member for 30, 60 days.

Currently I have 5 accounts tied to my email. I then have another 4+ different client emails and logins that I use. Some of those clients are agencies and have clients using Asana so with that client email I will have more than one Asana account.

As you might imagine, this creates a lot of account switching. I use Chrome’s Profiles and set one for each client which helps for sure.

The biggest frustration is that a client has to grant me an internal org email for me to help them out and this isn’t always easy and definitely not fast. Especially since my “member” role is very temporary. But they still need to set up a dedicated email which I suggest But then they have to deprovision that email and yes, it is a hassle for most.

The ability to be granted temporary member access would be a huge help!! Not to just me, but to all the clients that can then get me in quickly and as needed to set up templates with automations.

I understand this is a very minor use case against all the other work on the roadmap, but I believe this will help all Pros as well.

Within the admin panel, upgrade guest to Member for 30,60,90 days and charge their account for that seat for that duration.

After that time, that user will fall back to guest access.

Currently when someone is deprovisioned all rules are paused. This is, in my opinion, something that needs to be worked through better as people don’t understand this, or know about it until rules start not to work. Then they blame Asana. Anyway, that is not a good user experience for the client to then have to go activate all the rules.

Suggestion: Guest TO Member DBA {member account}

The ability to temporarily set a guest to a member Doing Business As another member whereby when the member access expires, all work is then associated to the DBA member.

So I can come in under my org email, do work within another Asana instance for a client and then have any rules (and other functionality present or future) associated to another account so they can then take over.

Wow, sorry. This was a very long post :roll_eyes:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback, and with such a detailed use case for context! :slight_smile:

While we don’t have any immediate plans to change Guest vs Members subscription types, our Product team are always discussing and brainstorming on different pricing plans. Hopefully this is an option we can see in the future!

I’ll let you know if we have any updates! :slight_smile:

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