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We are looking at using Asana for our in house Design Studio, which interacts with approximately 50 external stakeholders. We have around 25 internal users that will have access to the software, so i understand we will pay for these users on the monthly basis. However what i am unable to find a clear answer on is will the 50 external users, who will be guests and will not have our domain in their emails, have to be paid for as members also. In other words, will i need to pay for 75 users per month, or 25?


I don’t work for Asana, but based on your info I believe you’d pay for 25 users since the others don’t share your domain in their email.


@Mark_Rawlins If I am clear on your question, you’ll be paying for the number of people under your domain. At this time there is not a cap on the number of guests you can bring to your org. However, as you probably know, these guests will have limited access to your content in Asana.


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Have you changed the licensing here recently?
Are guests no longer unlimited?
The system now suggests a ridiculous license fee, since we have many guests “resting” in the system.

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We now have what are called limited access members (effectively a name change). Learn more here!

Hi Alexis,

Yes, limited access members - this is what we have used. Now they seem all of a sudden to count just like team members from our domain.
This means that if we are let’s say 10 users in nour company, but interact with 200 persons as “limited access members”, we need a license for 210 users. Before all we needed was 10 users. Has this changed?

Yes, the limited access member settings are somewhat different than what was formerly guest member settings. If you’re curious about how this applies to your account specifically, I recommend that you speak with our support team at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana. Our support team will be happy to help!

OK, Very simple and common example:
10 team members in our company (in our domain).
We collaborate with customers, which have limited access. Around 80 different persons interact from time to time.

What is the appropriate plan & what is the price?

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This question has not been answered.

What is the pricing structure for limited access members? Are they charged at the same rate as full-access members? Are guest accounts (limited access members) free?

@Bjorn_Bergmark Here is your answer; Set yourself up as an Organization which has unlimited free guests and make sure you have enough seats to have every domain member covered. (This assumes you bought premium edition, if you are operating under free all types count against the free 15 maximum. Once you hit that you have to go premium.

@Jacob_Dick In the free editions of Workspaces all types count against the free 15. I have know idea why somebody would use a Workspace versus an Organization. If you want to stay free, just think that anybody that participates is going to use up the 15 members. If you go premium, buy enough seats to cover your domain users and everybody else is free.

Are you sure?

According to Setting up an organisation in Asana as of today:

Limited Access Members will need to be accommodated in your plan if you decide to upgrade a team within your Organization to Asana Premium.

@Alexis I don’t understand the conflicting accounts of what seats are paid and what seats are included.

Unless something has happened in the last month I am quite sure of my answer. Workspaces are not domain oriented per se whereas Organizations are. Limited Members is a Workspace concept so it is possible that you could have a number of Limited Members that have a domain address of your organization, thus the Asana warning. Like I said, I am pretty sure I am correct on this but Asana staff certainly can chime in.