Guest Account Can Create New Projects?

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We are testing out the guest functionality and it seems that Guests have the ability to create their own projects within the team including making them private. The Guest account we used had access to only a single project with comment only permissions

Steps to reproduce:

Login as Guest, click + icon next to team in left menu and create a project.

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Hi @Thomas_Buckle,

That’s correct, Guests are allowed to create their own projects and set their own privacy settings on project they have created. To learn more about Guests and their permissions, I would recommend checking out this handy article from our guide:

Let me know if there is anything else we can help with :slight_smile:

This is a huge problem for us. We want to be able to add collaborators, but aren’t able to right now because this introduces liability concerns. It would be huge for us to be able to toggle the “create project” feature off for guests…

we have just noticed the same thing. A guest account with access only to a project, not the team, is still able to create new projects. This seems like a clear bug since the guest shouldn’t have any team level access at all.

@Marie can you please confirm if this is the intended behaviour?

I understand that guests invited to a team would be able to create projects, but this behaviour seems bad.

How can we find and delete any private / hidden projects guests create?

From reading that article I would actually guess that its a bug. It makes zero sense for Guests to be able to create their own project when they are supposed to be limited to a single project or task.

Could this be escalated to someone on the dev team for clarification?

Hi @Thomas_Buckle,

I can confirm this is an expected behaviour, not a bug! Not matter the level you’re adding your Guests to (task, project, WS/Org), they will have an option to create their own project in the space they’ve been added to as Guest. You’re welcome to create a new #productfeedback thread if you’d like this option to be disabled!

While I deeply disagree with this behaviour, we will need to mitigate the problem somehow. There is simply no reason for a Guest to have access to team-level functions (such as creating projects) if they have only been invited to a single project.

Can you please explain in detail how we can find and remove any and all “hidder” projects that guests create?