GTD Weekly Review - how to track what's ... 'reviewed'?



Hi guys and thanks in advance. I looked and found some information about weekly review and GTD, but not my question. In my team we have boards for clients and some tasks get a lot of traffic and others don’t. In GTD part Lance I like to do a weekly review and touch everything. For many tasks, maybe even most, they are already in the right place but some things will get a status change.

If something is lagging and it’s okay then it might get bumped back into the queue.
If something is in the queue but is actually being worked on it might get moved into “in progress” and the like.

So my question is this… If I’m going through maybe 25 tasks on board how can I easily/quickly/maybe visually keep track of what’s been reviewed and what has not (in a given sitting).

The best way to come up with so far were to attach a tag to everything and then remove it as I go so that I can do a search for that tag and see what’s remaining but this is not very good. Suggestions?


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