GTD Implementation


I found the training in the Asana academy most useful. However, the video on GTD was a real disappointment for several reasons:

  • Most of the training is spent describing GTD (not very well) instead of describing the Asana implementation.
  • The whole idea of setting up a dedicated project for GTD does not make any sense. It’s just super clunky. Why not simply use my tasks as inbox and process them using Asana best practices?
  • One of the key aspects of Asana is weekly reviews (or periodic reviews). This is not even mentioned in the implementation part of the video. I don’t think that Asana has a built-in feature for that. The best solution I found is to add a periodic review task on all my projects. I adjust the frequency based on the pace of the project. Some need weekly review while others can just be reviewed on monthly basis. Does anybody have a better solution?