Group projects in the side bar


It would be really nice to be able to group projects in the side bar on the left side of asana with an arrow that drops open the projects, similarly to having teams open up when you click on them. I have a lot of projects listed below a particular type of project and having the ability to group them all together so I can hide types of projects I’m not currently focused on would be a nice feature. I would be happy to clarify this more if it becomes a practical suggestion. Thanks!


This would be a useful feature. I think of it like folders; you could group together projects to make it easier to locate related items.


I would also love this. We have many. many projects and being able to group into some smaller buckets to hide and show would make it much easier to find things.


That would be extremely useful to me. I think Asana really needs folders to group projects in the left pane and some way of sorting them as well.


Can we now grouping projects on the side bar?? Still couldn’t find this solution.
What we did is to created different teams and named team as the group we wanted. But it is getting difficult to manage, cus I’m about to create the 4th team, with same 7 people…


Getting overwhelmed by a list of over 30 projects in my sidebar is keeping me from using Asana on a regular basis. Being able to group projects into “buckets” would be much more manageable. Has anyone found workarounds?