Group Notifications



I have created several projects with my team, but they do not received notifications when their partners completed a task.

I have checked the following items after read FAQs from Asana Support:

  • All of them have email notifications active fot all categories.
  • All of them are set as admin in the team.

Someone can help me? I need that when a task is completed all of them have a notification. If not, Asana is not so useful for our work.

I hope you can help me!



If you want to receive a notification when a task is completed, then you need to be a follower of that task.


Hi Julien,

Thanks for this quick reply.

But I thought that, when someone in envolved in a project, all completed tasks about this project are converted in notifications fot all members of the team.

Is correct? Because members of a project are not receiving notifications when a partner finished the below task.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Jorge! @Julien_RENAUD is right here, you need to be a follower of the task to be notified when the task is complete. Being a project member does not qualify you for this specific notification. If you want to learn more, I would advise you to check out this link: and of course, if you have any follow up questions, please let me know!


Thank you @Marie
In addition to the notifications you get by email, I would also had the following link to clarify the notifications you receive in the Asana inbox (list is the same but this is to make clear what you get on both locations, and in case you deleted email notifications):


100% agree with @Julien_RENAUD!


Thanks a lot Marie and Julien for your help!

OK, so we have to be followers of the task to receive notifications. And, in order to avoid check “Following” for all tasks one by one, is possible to “Follow” the whole project to receive these notifications with only one check?

Thanks again!


Not with only one check, but almost :wink:
You can multi select all the tasks inside the project and it allows you to add yourself os someone else as a follower of all the tasks selected in one click. But for future tasks you’ll need to add you as follower again.

If you don’t know how to multi select you can read this: