Group assignees to a "group".

I would like to group in an efficient way assignees so, I can use the data in the dashboards
Basically there are 2 groups in a project: Us (Company) and our clients Customer) I would like to link users / assignees to a group in a simple was. In this way I can show the open tasks per Company and Customer.

I know I can multie select assignees for a dashboard, but that is not a sustainable solution.

Any suggestions?

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

You could have a single-select custom field with a value of Company or Customer and report on that in dashboards.

With Asana Business or Enterprise, you could possibly have rules that automatically value that custom field based on assignees.



Hi Larry,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m aware that I can have a custom field, but I want to have it based on the assignee. When the issue is assined to Paul (=Customer) it belongs to the group customer and when it goes to me, it belongs to the group company.

I also looked into rules, but that is not straight forward (Or maybe I’m missing something).

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