Great Addition to Outlook Integration

This is a great addition to taking actions on Outlook Tasks for Outlook 2016 and Office 365. Asana surveyed previously on this and the ability to complete tasks, change due dates, and make comments from an Asana email were all inputs. Asana listened and it looks great. Having created as an Outlook Add-in Asana for adding task and conversations and now this, Asana now has some of the best integration tools with Outlook available among Project Management Software.


Thanks for your kind words @James_Carl I’ll make sure to share them with the Team! :heart:

We’re continuing to invest in making Office 365 work seamlessly with Asana, so stay tuned for more news and updates in the coming months.

Attaching files from SharePoint Online, maybe? I live in hope.

I use Outlook extensively but through syncing with my GMail host. Nothing appears to have changed in my notifications. In order for it to work in my Office 365 does it have to be a true Outlook host versus sync?

Hi @James_Carl! I have escalated your question to our engineers, and we’re currently in touch with Microsoft to confirm wether or not this is possible. I’ll keep you in touch as soon as I have an update!


Anything new on this question?

Thanks @Maria

Not yet @James_Carl, I’m still waiting for a reply from the Microsoft Team. I have just email them and asked if they had any updates, will keep you posted as soon as they come back to me :crossed_fingers:t3:

@Marie just checking in on the question. Thanks

Sorry for the delay in responding to you @James_Carl; I got the confirmation that this option is only available to Outlook accounts; unfortunately it is not compatible with Gmail accounts managed via Outlook.

I’m moving your post to the #productfeedback category, hopefully this is something we can introduce in the future!

That is unfortunate as I am sure I am not the only one that uses Outlook and Gmail together. Fortunately our add-in Sendana is not constricted by this and we are in the process of adding the ability to add subtasks and comments to tasks which will cover most of the needs outside of tracking email chains in Outlook. I have decided not to do this as I believe it encourages functioning in two platforms and Asana encourages to transition away from this into Asana. @Marie thanks for your follow-up.

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My understanding is if we only have Office 365 Business (not Office 365 Business Premium) then we are not able to use the Asana Outlook Add In. If this is true, will the Sedana Outlook Add In allow us to integrate our outlook items with Asana even though we are only on 365 Business (no exchange server)

Yes it will, thank you.

Cool! Thanks!

Why should we have to pay for SENDANA if Asana should have a local install for an addin for Outlook. This is not an option for a company that spends thousands of dollars a year for an application that we have to keep paying for addons to create proper and easier workflows for our employees.

That is not my issue. Mine was to develop at a fairly substantial cost a great add-in for Outlook and practically give it away with a $24.95 lifetime license :slight_smile: