Grayed out completed tasks are a horrible update!

Why is it that when I mark a task as “done”, it’s still in my incomplete section? This is NOT a good update. It gives me anxiety and causes confusion as to what is done and what is not done for my entire team. The NUMBER ONE task of any project management Saas is to help people GET CLEAR on what is done and not done. Now, after I mark a task as done, I have to do the additional step of moving it somewhere else or deleting it completely, just so my team isn’t confused about what is going on. You are failing at the ONLY THING you are supposed to be doing as a company. I’m in the process of looking for a new project management solution.


Can you clarify what’s your “incomplete section” and which update you are referring to? Maybe with a screenshot?

Each project has a filter at the top to decide to only show incomplete tasks, your project might not be set up properly.