Granting a team member access to my tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I have shared my tasks with a team member and she can only see one of my MANY tasks. We have tried it multiple times.

Steps to reproduce: We have tried her asking for permission and me just going straight to share and finding her name. She can only see one of my tasks and I need her to see ALL of my tasks.

Browser version: chrome

Upload screenshots below:

No screenshots available…maybe try attaching again. The following is my understanding:

When you allow someone to edit My Tasks (by Sharing it), that is access to the space only. This access does not override the permissions of a private Project.

So, they will not necessarily see all your tasks - only those in a Project they have access to (either via their Team membership, or having the Project explicitly shared with them), or those they are a Collaborator on. So please check their permissions to the Task itself…they need additional access to be present, not just the “Jon’s My Tasks” access. Hope that helps!


Defined shared? Did you add her as a collaborator, or only send her a link?

If you just shared a link and that person does not have permission to the project, then they will not see the tasks. However, if you add them as a collaborator, they will.

If the project is private, they will only see the tasks you have added them as collaborator to.

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Thank you for everyone’s help. Stephanie was right about what I was trying to do and adding a new project and then sharing the project with the person I needed to view my tasks- was the perfect solution. Thanks again


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