Google sheets only displaying 6 projects?


Hi all - apologies if this has been covered somewhere else but it is late and I am close to deadline on a new reporting format.
After moving the team onto Asana this week (7 people shared across 5 project teams) we are working concurrently on 22 projects all of which are summarised on the dashboard. When I export to Google sheets however it will only display the same 6 projects no matter how we reorder them.
Any assistance would be appreciated.


If I recall, unless you have premium the projects on the dashboard are limited - but if you have more than 6 projects on your dashboard then that wouldn’t be an issue.

Are perhaps all the teams premium, or only some? My organization is on premium and I have 11 projects on my sheets integration np.

So it’s possible that only one team you’re on is premium, and thus only those projects are being reported over the 3 project limit on free?