Google Sheets Alternative for Executive Overview




This is my first post so please excuse any errors.

I recently got approval after months of testing Asana with a small team to roll out to an entire department. A huge part of the reason we picked Asana was the ability to export dashboards into Google Sheets. Now our IT department states we can not export proprietary information to Google to create an executive report as we are a Cybersecurity company and Google doesn’t offer robust security settings to meet our requirements. Our Executives do not want to use Asana themselves for unknown reasons and would prefer to continue receiving a spreadsheet. I’ve looked into other integrations but none provide a spreadsheet. I’ve run the possibility of having them as a guest but this requires an outside organization email.

My question is:
Is there an alternative way to create a spreadsheet for the Asana dashboards without using Google Docs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are beginning to roll Asana out and executive reporting happens weekly.

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Do you run a Windows enviroment for your computers


We use Grow which is pretty awesome