Google Corporate Groups Fowarding Emails



I am trying setup an email group in our Google Corporate account like:

and that group would forward to

the problem is google groups is not allowing the plus symbol “+”.

can asana change the separator symbol to be a period “.” or a “+” symbol?

Automatic forwarding to ASANA from Google groups account for creating tasks

Couple of experiences we’ve collected: don’t, you are up for misery. There is a way to do, what you’re asking. You need to be a G Suite admin, go to the groups panel within the admin console and add that mail address form there. Done.

But here comes the bad news: The way Google Groups send out mails won’t work with Asanas mediocre inbox feature, where it checks if server and domain match your company’s (without a white list for client domains or anything, sigh!).

The way we’ve solved it now:

  • We picked one member of the group, a person with their own account and gmail box and added an alias there. Then we set up a forwarding on account level with filtering by recipient address. For example:

  • My very own mail address gets an alias, the same recipient address becomes a member of Asana

  • There may or may not be a Google mailing list Support with other members in it. The group needs a different mail address now, it can’t be, too. In our case, I just kill the whole group, because Asana is going to be the place where the rest of the team can take a look, just one more step missing.

  • I then head over to my GMail account and set up rule-based forwarding. Destination address: as provided by Asana. Trigger: sent to Action: pass by inbox and archive, mark as read, maybe add some kind of tag, forward to selected address.

External Mails get successfully sent to Asana again. As for all other cool options Google offers on Domain level like mail routing or address mapping … they all do what Asana doesn’t accept => generate a mismatch between domain and server with your company credentials.

I truly wanted to use them. And there’s still a ticket I have open with the Asana support. But for now, I could help myself with the GMail workaround. Although I don’t like the idea of such generic support mails getting bound to my personal archive. But hey … at least we don’t lose those mails.

Hope this helps a bit.