Google Chat Bot is not showing projects when I add an Organization as a Workspace

I’m trying to integrate our Organization in Asana in Google Chat bot however when i add our org as a workspace it doesnt show me a list of project.s What I get is this prompt

“No projects found in the, please go back to settings dialog and select a valid workspace with projects.”

Any hopes in getting this to work with an organization? Or it doesnt work on orgs at all?

Hey @Jaro_Necesito,
does not seem to be exactly the same problem, but a few users were having issues with this integration as well, see here Asana Projects not showing in the Google Chat bot.

As per Google Chat + Asana • Asana
it will be best to reach out to Google Support to see if they will be able to assist.

Hey Folks!

Looks like this problem was resolved. I can now see all of my projects.
I hope the update (or whatever happened) is propagated to you all shortly.