Google Calendar Sync

I created an on-call team, an on-call project, and tasks that assign and schedule specific people to on-call. I am trying to sync this Asana project with Google Calendar and for some reason I am getting no where. I am going through the steps as outlined and I can either get one task to appear in the calendar or none at all. Can someone assist with this? If so, let me know what is needed from me and I will gladly provide what I can. Thanks in advance.

Alright, just for clarification. Will the calendar sync not continuously sync up or is it a one-time push? I am hoping to have calendar events created each time I adjust the project in Asana. Could that be why I am not seeing the results i thought I would get?

Hi @Lucas_Hammonds and welcome to the forum,

Here is the documentation on Asana’s calendar sync, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Please note this statement from those docs, which might explain what you’re describing?

The initial sync to your calendar should be instant, but subsequent syncs may take up to a day

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