Google Calendar issue


My Asana calendar is connected to my Google Calendar, however, the entry that I give a date and time to doesn’t appear. Any way to correct this? Am I doing something wrong? If its a sync issue, can I manually sync?

Thanks very much in advance.


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So you give a date and time to a task and it does not appear in the Calendar? Do you see other tasks in the calendar? Spoiler alert: due time will not be reflected in the calendar.

Hi @Ralph_Ervin and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately Due Time do not sync with you Google Calendar at the moment.

I would recommend to check on the following 3rd party integration that might help you to sync Due Time:

P.S: We have a thread on the #productfeedback category about this topic: Show task due time in Google Calendar. Feel free to add your vote and comment on it!

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