Google Calendar Does not Sync



I am trying to Sync a calendar from a project that I am a member of. 11 other member add to this calendar

I have tried with Microsoft Outlook with the iCal Import as well as now with Google Calendar and it does not make any updates. I have waited over 24 hours

Can you please advise?


We had issues with Asana syncing to Microsoft Office 365. I snooped around and this is what I found (this was my email to my IT guy):
I was snooping around on the internet today and was seeing if there was any help out there about our updating issue with the Asana calendar to Office 365. I came across the following, I tried it on my Outlook 365 and it seems to have brought in a new “test” task I added………it took it about an hour and half to update. The part I had to change was toward the very bottom of this page where it says Use Chased Exchange Mode.


Sorry, last line should read: Cached Exchange Mode.



Thank you

I went through the instructions, restarted Outlook and still no update.

What I am surprised is tha also Google Calendar does not work.

It seems to me that its an issue with Asana.

Can you please confirm if Asana requires the task to be assigned to me in order to update? or it an be assigned to anyone? The calendar I am trying to update is a team calendar.



Looks like Google updated after 24 hours (28 to be exact).

Outlook is not updating…


Has anyone reached out to Asana support to receive their response? Not sure they monitor all the community threads to confirm if this is a known bug in Asana or if they believe it to be on the Office 365 side.