Google Assistant integration?



Do you have plans to integrate with Google Assistant using It would be nice to be able to create tasks by talking instead of having to go into the app.


+1 for this idea. Google Assistant lets deveopers create their own assistants really easily. A user can then just ask “let me talk to Asana”, and Asana would start talking, dialogue-style. Much better when you’re out driving. It would feel like having a secretary with access to your projects on the phone.


+1 for me as well.

Also, I’d like to see the same feature recently added for Asana/Siri ( added for Asana/Android/Google Assistant.

I had a solution for this for the past year using IFTTT that worked great and I used it all the time:

 If You say "task to self $", then send an email from <> to

which would connect Google Assistant to Gmail, putting the “$” in the subject field and immediately create a new My Task for me; a great way to add a reminder or note on the fly by voice.

Unfortunately something at IFTTT broke a couple months ago and I since then only get an error “There was a problem with the Gmail service” which I reported to IFTTT and they acknowledged and promised to fix, but it’s been weeks.


I managed to pull this off with a custom applet in IFTTT.

My finished applet is here (though I’m not sure is public):

  • Create new applet
  • Trigger is Google assistant’s “Say a phrase with a text ingredient”
  • Action is Asana’s “Create task”
  • The configuration was straightforward. I don’t think anyone in this thread will have any trouble.



Yes, please! I use GA to record tasks while driving.


Thanks! Your applet was not public but was simple to recreate as you indicated and worked perfectly for me. (When I originally made my custom applet connecting Google Assistant with Gmail, there was no Asana integration with IFTTT!)

Paul, I recognize your name from years of helpful posts and videos about Chrome, DevTools and web/front-end technologies in general; thank you so much for all that too; always helpful and reliable! It’s nice to see you here. I’ll return the favor with any Bay Area Asana help if should you need it (I’m a constant Asana user for work/personal use since early on.)

I’ll add a separate question on OAuth 2.0 and Personal Access Tokens and Asana.


+1 for this. An obvious use for Google Assistant.


Same for me!


Hi Paul, trying to do that, stuck on the IFTTT “Assignee” field, it says “Loading…” but does’nt load anything… Pity…


No news from IFTTT after them a request for assistance … Sad… "Assigned to" IFTTT field cannot be filed when creating Asana IFTTT recipe

Any plans to integrate with Google Now?

I want that too!


I’ve built an Action on Google which does this. Try it by saying:

Hey Google, Ask Asana Unofficial to add task Get Milk

Check out this blog post for more.


Would love to see this feature added. +1 for me! Specifically the ability to create tasks and have the google assistant ask me which workspace and project it would belong to.