Goals - Automatic Tracking by section in projects

My company has the following use case and it would be great to have more flexibility in the Automatic tacking of goals in Asana. Any insight as to whether this may already be in the product pipeline or workarounds would be much appreciated!

New Business Tracking

  • We have a project setup to track all requests for our creative services team which includes Internal, Customer Success and New Business
  • The project utilizes sections to indicate which phase the initiative/lead is in
  • Our goal is to track total New Business wins each quarter automatically

The current Goal functionality only allows you to track completed Tasks or Milestones but the issue is we utilize both for Wins and Losses so there isn’t any way to leverage the existing Automatic tracking and differentiate between the two.

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Hello @Justin_Wildung,
how about creating 2 separate projects in which you multihome the tasks depending on the outcome (win or loss) and then connect each project to a goal. This way you could separate them.
The multi-homing can be achieved by setting up rules that could for example be triggered based on a section or custom field selection or something else.
Would that help?

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