Goal: To use a project board to track sample shipment requests


I am trying to make a project board that would take information from a Google Sheet that we use to send samples of our product out to potential and current clients.

Ideally this would update anytime the Sample Request Sheet would be updated and this update would create a task with a request made date and sample need by date (this would be the due date )

We are looking to track both products, deals (we use hubspot so we would probably integrate with that)

We already use Asana in in the other departments so connecting to other projects would be easy I want to have our sample requests in asana to track a product from sample all the way to its full production run.

Hopefully this was not too complicated!


I am working on something similar for a client, and looking at Zapier as a middle-man to allow Google Sheet triggers to trigger actions in Asana.

Did you consider it?

I have!

I found it would create dozens of blank tasks, I have a google sheets/HubSpot integration going and it seems to not have played well with it.

I also have experimented with the asana forms, which will take some training to get that specific team to stop using the form.