Goal maps - hierarchy

Has anyone discovered or created a function to publish a goals map?

We have tiered goals with several levels in some cases.

It would be great if we could display a map of that hierarchy, or even parts of it.

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Hi @Paul_Roebuck

Welcome back to the forum.

This is a very good idea - something that deserves to be a product feedback.
Currently, if you click on Company goals, you will be able to see the sub goals and whether they are associated it with another team.

But there is no way you can have a visual on how the goals are mapped out, which I think is a cool idea.


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Thanks @Rashad_Issa - How do I submit this as “Product feedback” please?

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Leave it with me and I shall do the change.

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Done @Paul_Roebuck - it is a feedback and open for voting. Have a lovely weekend.

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