Gmail's New Compose Actions

Compose Actions would be the integration that would make it much more seemless to use Asana in Gmail, especially when compared to the current addon that we have. I’m sad not to see Asana as one of the launch partners.
@Marie are there plans for releasing a compose action addon?

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Hi @Hans_Rippel and thanks for bringing this to our attention. I don’t know if this is something we’re planning but I’ve gone ahead and escalated your post to our Integration Team! :blush:


I agree with @Hans_Rippel. Wish the UI of the addon was also better. Started to play with Sortd and their use of Gmail integration is something to look at.

I’d also like to add a note here that compose actions make much more sense for typical task management workflows in Gmail. Right now, you have to use the BCC/FWD integration to create tasks, which doesn’t link that original email into the sidebar. You also have to open Asana to manage metadata, like tags and due dates. The other option is tracking down your email in the Sent section and creating reminder tasks or assigning additional people. A compose action would allow you to plan all of the next-steps and follow-up requirements within the email workflow, reducing context switching and navigation. This seems like a superior integration with email than the current sidebar.