Gmail plugin fails when Asana task is deleted - bug


Hi Asanas, I think I have found a bug in the Gmail plugin. Repo steps:

  1. Vie an email thread in Gmail
  2. Create an Asana task using the addon
  3. Delete the task in Asana
  4. Reopen the email thread in Gmail
  5. Now the Gmail plugin will tell you “An error occurred. Unable to get tasks”
  6. You will be unable to use the plugin to create a new task against the email.

I guess that the behaviour should be that the addin should act as if the task has never existed, if you deleted the task.

Best regards



Thanks for sharing. I’m experiencing this issue too.


Same here


Same issue here. Plugin does not work for the specific email that was associated with a previous task I deleted.


Me too, btw the plugin sucks


I am also experiencing a similar issue.