GMAIL / ASANA Integration - autopopulate assignee as you type

Push improvements to ASANA/ GMAIL integration, such as having the ability to ASSIGN a NEW task to a certain individual by having the names autopopulate as you type, or allow a settings option to add in all potential individuals, or have the option of LEAVING IT BLANK, as in my case, it goes to a certain team who then triages/assigns it to the applicable individual. I currently have to assign myself, open asana on my desktop, locate the task, because there is NO ABILITY to assign it to a column, it default assigns to the first column of the board.

Hi @Kayleigh_Smith, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile: