Global Rules would rule! Create a library for Rules

Thanks for the input!

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Just to clarify my post here as it seems there was some confusion: as I mentioned, this Flowsana duplication capability applies to duplicating rules created in Flowsana, not to any Asana-created rules.

I would love to be able to provide an ability to duplicate Asana rules but it’s not currently technically possible because Asana does not expose those in its programming interface for external applications.

One of my main problems is doing sweeping changes to multiple projects at once, with identical rule set-ups. These projects each have the max of 20 rules. I’m assuming flowsana will not duplicate rules to projects which are already full? In which case, I’ll have to go in and delete the rules of the recipient projects in order for it to work?

Hi Trevor,

As mentioned above, the duplication feature in Flowsana pertains to Flowsana rules, not Asana rules. Flowsana rules are independent and unrelated to the 20-rule limit in Asana; also, Flowsana does not have the limit of 20 rules per project that Asana does.

As tasks can be added to multiple projects and you can add custom fields to carry that task progress into those multiple project, it would be GREAT to be able to copy a Rule and add to other projects.

Use Case
If I have a task in multiple projects and use a custom field for Not Started, In Progress, Completed, I have to create rules in EACH project to change that custom field as a task moves through a kanban.

Yup! This would be a really great feature!

Thanks for your feedback @Getz_Pro! We already have a thread requesting this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main request to consolidate feedback!

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It would be great if Asana added a “Copy Rule” function for rules that are set up for a specific project. When creating projects, I sometimes have to create multiple custom rules that have only slight differences to the actions or triggers that are configured for them. It would be great if I could copy from an existing rule instead of always having to create the custom rules from scratch.

Hi @Colin_Palamar, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

This is a popular request and we do actually have an existing thread for this topic in the Forum! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted in the main thread on any updates! :slight_smile:

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Is this on the roadmap for Asana?


I work for a small company but we have well over 200 boards. If I want to add a simple rule like mark complete when a status is changed to xxx, I have to add a rule to every single board impacted. It would be an incredible time saver to be able to go to “Global Rules” and indicate which boards to include (or exclude if there was a select all option).

Is there a status update on this? As my organization becomes dependent on Asana for more of our workflows, this is critical. If we have hundreds of projects, applying the rules manually becomes unfeasible. Thanks.

+1 for this. Definitely need this.

Want to +1 on the library, and also stress the critical need to increase the limit of 20 rules per project, preferably to unlimited or at least 100-200. We are running into major issues due to this limitation and are even considering moving our projects to another tool. We now have to constantly make manual adjustments that the rules would be able to take over if only they were not limited to 20 (which barely allows to set up the most basic of rules). Another related suggestion would include adding if/then & and functionality to rules, e.g. field “name”–>set assignee could then be put as if “name=X”, assign “X” and if “name=Y”, assign “Y” etc.