Giving team management access

Dear all,

we just got started with Asana.

However a few questions remain. Hope someone can help me.

I’m taking the lead on a long term project as consultant and wanted to include senior management so they can see what’s happening. I have invited them but on their dashboard teams they can not access/ see the tasks assigned. Is this normal in the free version? Is there any way to work around this?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Forum @margot_Vanfleteren! Happy to hear you are joining Asana :smiley:

Let me see if I understood correctly. You have added the Senior Management as followers of some tasks in the Project you own. Correct?

When someone is added as a follower of task, he/she will receive notifications in their Inbox and via email, according to their settings.

You can also add them as members of the project following these steps: They will be able to access to every task of the project.

I hope this helps Margot but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!
Have a great Wednesday!