Getting the values of a section for a given task

I am trying to get the value for a section in a task that I have found using the advanced search but I seem to be in a bit of a bind since I know there is a way to look for a task within a section but I do not know how to go backward. Is there a way this can be done?
To be specific, I have the task gid and would like to find the value of a section for that task if it exists.

I am using the python wrapper.

What do you mean by “value of a section” ? its name? gid?

If you query that single task, or a lot of tasks from the search endpoint, just use that parameter:

opt_fields: “” → you will get the name and the gid of that section.

I also suggest to use “”.

I don’t know how to set it using pythnon, but if you have access to the complete url, just add

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By sections here, I was referring to the column. For example a project might have a column that has numerical values for each task. Once I find the gid of a task, I would then like to find the value in this column.