Getting subtasks to show up on project calendar with Rules

My workplace is in the process of shifting across to Asana from several other platforms, and myself and a colleague are tasked with setting up our team’s project boards in a way that best suits us.

Because we often have multiple sub-tasks under one card with separate due dates that need both checking-off and calendar visibility, we require these sub-tasks to show on a selected project calendar. Lets call our board Project A, and the global calendar Project B.

I understand there is a manual way to do this, however as our team needs to set up as much automation as possible, we’ve been trying to set up a Rule which will put a sub-task with a particular pre-determined tag on another project’s calendar.

However, it seems that even though this rule works for tasks and should work for sub-tasks, the sub-tasks given the appropriate tag still do not show up on the other project’s calendar. The rule should theoretically work, it just doesn’t.

Essentially rule is: ‘When task created on Project A is given ‘X’ tag, add to Project B’

This works on tasks.

On the subtask, I click ‘show inherited fields’ and select the appropriate tag’:

However, it doesn’t show up on the calendar.

Is there another way I can set up this Rule to accomodate sub-tasks? We also have Flowsana, if that has a way around the sub-tasks not showing.

We have also tried setting up a template with sub-tasks already pre=assigned to Project B, however the template menu does not allow us to do this.

Cheers, and thanks for the help.

Indeed subtasks don’t belong to the project, so they are not being targeted by rules…

Flowsana might be one way. In my company we have a custom code running every hour and doing this multi-homing for us…

Indeed, there is a trick :slight_smile: create a real task with subtasks (being multi-homed) and then turn the task into a template from the 3-dot menu → I am quite sure multi-homing on subtasks will be kept.

Let me know if that helps.

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Aaaah Bastien! This worked like a charm. You absolute legend :muscle: Thanks so much!

Hopefully Asana will make it easier in future to set up subtasks on a calendar, but for now this will do nicely.

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