Getting Started with Asana


Hi All!

Just a couple of questions as a business starting to use Asana. Just wondering if there were a few basic things that can be used/seen. If its possible that Asana can do this?

  • Can the calendar show the project title as well as the task on the Team Calendar? If so how?
  • Can we assign a set time to a task, number of hours it’ll take?
  • Is it possible to view overall a list of milestones rather than tasks having to be assigned to a specific person and viewing in my tasks, can we not overview everything as a whole so as a team we can see what’s upcoming?

Any help on this would be fantastic!



Hi Charlotte, welcome to Asana.

  • The color of the task in the team calendar indicates what project it’s in, but I don’t know if it’s possible to also have the project name included.
  • If you’re a premium user you can assign custom fields to projects and allocate time estimates. Use a number format custom field, and it will add up your estimates when you highlight multiple tasks.
  • You could create a report to achieve your third point (do an advanced search then click the ‘save report’ button). Something like this perhaps:

    If you want to include only some tasks, I’d suggest tagging these tasks as ‘milestone’ (or something) and adding that to the search criteria.

I’m not an expert, but hopefully some of this helps!


Hi Charlotte,

I agree with all of @ceturley’s recommendations.

Further to this, you can use time tracking looks like Everhour and Toggl that integrate with Asana to do more advanced time budgeting and tracking (you can even generate invoices off the back of these time sheets).

I’ve also made a few videos about goal planning and creating “summary projects” which you might find useful.

Here’s a previous thread as well:

If you have any more questions or need help with Asana set up and training, please feel free to book a free 30-minute introductory call with me to discuss my Asana consulting options.