Getting started - not sure how to set up so that it works for projects & non-project work

New to Asana - My team has specific internal projects (most repeat quarterly or annually, such as 1-off programs under the "support umbrella or curriculum-based cohorts, again under the “support” umbrella) and some our the work is external collaboration/partner development that is ongoing and not project specific.

I’m unsure how to manage this is Asana. Should I set up separate Teams for distinct work whether internal project or external ongoing work? Or do I set everything up as projects? Also, this team is part of a larger organization account, so if I build out Teams for each work area, I’m picturing an organization-wide Asana board with 100’s of teams. Not sure if this is smart. Stuck in with this decision and would love any recommendations.

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Welcome to the community @Teri_Heist.
It can be overwhelming to decide how the best setup should look like in Asana.
I suggest you try to keep it simple in the beginning. Think of tasks like bricks and projects like the walls. a Task should usually be associated with at least one project and can even be associated with multiple projects. This is called multi-homing, and it does not duplicate the task but the task lives in two or more projects at the same time. for the off-project tasks you can use a catchall project and call it something that’s easily understood and remembered, something like “Main” or “All Tasks”. We have the saying: "if in doubt place the task in ‘MAIN’ "

I would also keep the teams to a minimum unless there is a specific purpose for the teams.

Hope this helps


Welcome, @Teri_Heist, and nice reply, @Paul_Grobler. In addition to Paul’s info, you may also be interested in the following which helps answer many of your questions (disclaimer: I created the workshop, with help from Asana):


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Thank you Paul. Very helpful response and encouraging - particularly the Main idea. Reminds me that a 'Project" doesn’t have to be the traditional definition of a project, but a grouping or catchall for all the little important things that also need tracking.

Thank you again.


Perfect. I will dive into this. A good start is critical and right now it’s stopping me from making progress. Thank you.

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