Getting staff to follow and mark off sub-tasks

Hi, our team are using asana to explain steps required for offshore team to follow to complete tasks. We use sub-tasks to outline all steps required to complete a head task. We are finding that the team are marking off the head tasks without marking off the sub-tasks and as a result, the sub-tasks are being missed. How can we report on sub-tasks that are not being marked as completed within completed head tasks so that we can monitor this? Thanks

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You could use dependencies to make the parent task blocked by each of its subtasks.

If you just stop here, you will have made it harder to mark the parent task complete because:

  1. It will have an hourglass in the main tasks list and can’t be completed from there, and
  2. If a user clicks Mark complete at the top of the task detail pane, they’ll have to override a warning popup about the block.

But to see those that have been improperly completed, create and save an advanced search report to find a) completed parent tasks that b) are blocked.


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