Getting periodical statistics of tasks progress


Hello everyone!

For example I have a project with 5 sections which are kind of progress stages. All tasks appear under lowest section (Stage #1). When task meets proper conditions it moves up under Stage #2. If it doesn’t it could be marked as completed or leaved there for some time to work with later. So time by time some tasks goes through all Stages and stop under last Stage #5. Any of them could be marked as completed at any Stage.

So I’m trying to figure it out is there any way in such project to get periodic (weekly for example) statistics or reports in numbers where I can see what was going on at each Stage: arrived tasks, drop out tasks, marked as completed tasks, new tasks, number of tasks, tasks with comments, tasks without comments.

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Hi @IlyaP

Our Screenful add-on for Asana can report some of those. You can see the number of tasks in each of your sections per calendar week and you can see the number of completed tasks over time. You can also get a report of the number of tasks arrived to each section. You can find more information from the links below:

Currently we don’t track drop out tasks or tasks with/without comments but those are something we might want to add in the future.