Getting "Invalid pattern in `expand`: [object Object]" in create operation of Tasks,Projects,Tags

Hi team,

Performing Create operation for Tasks,Projects,Tags but getting error “Invalid pattern in expand: [object Object]”.
is there any property changes from your end if yes then please mention which properties are updated.

following are the object properties currently using, if you introduced any new or changes in existing please mention that -

Projects :

Tasks : gid,created_at,modified_at,name,notes,completed,assignee_status,completed_at,due_on,due_at,workspace-id,workspace,num_hearts,assignee-id,assignee,parent-id,parent,hearts,followers,project,tags,memberships,hearted,external,eventId,nextPageToken,response,projects

Tags :


Interesting; this is a very similar report to Changes in API Properties for most of the objects.

I’m not aware of properties like owner-id, workspace-id; those are not native properties on Asana objects that I’ve ever seen.

What tooling are you using - an Asana client library, a third-party integration tool, the native REST API?