GET /teams/team-id to return description

I am wondering how I can get the description of a team via the GET /teams/team-id call? we are hoping to use the description for things in our integration. Is it possible?

Same here. Oddly, I just ran into this an hour ago expecting description and html_description as properties but neither were there (next to id and name).



Yeah, I just tested it and to my surprise, also could not get description. However, I am able to get html_description using:

GET /teams/[teamID]?opt_fields=html_description


good catch! yeah, that works for me, just need to strip the HTML tags out.

This is a surprisingly old bug that you’ve caught! A while back, we migrated our backend to address some performance issues and manually ported over all the different fields of all the different resources. Despite us checking behavior against the old API to confirm correctness, it seems we missed this field entirely. We’ve fixed this and you’ll be able to access the plain description field after it gets deployed, likely tomorrow.


I am trying the same thing using node, and it doesn’t work.

const data = await asanaClient.teams.getTeam(ASANA_TEAM_GID, {opt_fields = [“description”]})

doesn’t get anything. In fact, I am unable to fetch optional fields for await asanaClient.users.getUsersForTeam also