German engineering and productivity tip of week 35: Laser Focus Mode raises your IQ


One of my favorite features in Asana is the Focus Mode or Full-Screen Mode.

It is so important that Justin Rosenstein wrote a blog article about it himself:

So what is focus mode and what are the benefits:
If you are like me, you have like a trillion browser windows open and a billion more Asana tasks. So it is hard to work constantly and focused on your most important tasks.

To help you, Asana has added the focus mode which you can activate if you click on a task and press Tab+X

Alternatively you can also use your :computer_mouse:

As a result you just see the task, without any clatter and distraction :smile:



:raising_hand_man: focus mode FTW!

I want to have an Advanced level in cybersecurity and now Iā€™m studying the computer vision engineering here So I think that this is a great future. Do you share my point of view?