GeoTab vehicle mileage integration/automation

I have a client who is looking to gather vehicle mileage data from Geotab and add it to a project in Asana, potentially through a Zapier automation. I have not come up with anything that speaks to this in the forums, the guides, or a Google search. Does anyone have any ideas on if it’s possible to make this happen in Asana?

Zapier can add data to a number of places in Asana, but not all places. So it’s certainly possible this could be done, but the final answer will depend on exactly where in Asana they want to add the information and have it appear.

Thank you Phil, I got a little more info. GeoTab can export the data into an Excel or CSV file. The information would ideally go into an Asana project that is set up similar to an Excel file (Truck #'s on task side, columns with truck info). I see that Excel and CSV files can be imported, but can that process be automated through Zapier? Or is there still a manual step that needs to take place?
Thank you so much for your assistance!

@lpb you can probably provide a good answer here?

I believe in or you can set a trigger for rows added to a spreadsheet. Asana offers a create task action. So that’s an option, but a manual step would be to append from GeoTab to the spreadsheet, unless there was a way to automate that.


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Thank you Larry. looks pretty awesome and may get us closer.

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