Gantt Chart functionality


It would be fantastic if you could build in Gantt chart functionality including start dates and dependencies. Instagantt is fine, but I don’t like the idea of going into two separate applications to manage my project. I would much prefer to only open Asana and see what I need. Is there any chance this functionality is in the Asana queue?

Gantt Chart view of projects

Hi @Stacey_Blitz - we’ve had a lot of conversations about this type of idea and we’re working on prioritizing it among our other requests. Thank you for the suggestion!


Thanks! I appreciate the response.


This would make Asana perfect for me and my team. It’s the main thing missing.


That’s perfectly required feature to be added in Asana. Very important part of project planning and plays critical role in project success.


We get a good amount of requests around this (Hi! I’m Jerry - I work on Asana’s research team).

I’m always curious to know if you end up sharing your gantt charts with anyone else? Or are they more for your own personal use/organization? Or…something else?

And if you do share them…with whom are you sharing & what information contained in the view is most important for that person to know/see?


Hi Jerry,

we are working with many project (long and short runs as well) daily and usually we want to see the load of our team and if the timing is feasible. The resources are working daily with one to three projects in parallel, so the task and somehow project dependencies are a must, so we now if a resource is loaded with enough of works daily or even we are getting know each day if a project needs more time or it has been finished in less. For this information the team leaders are responsible - so if we need resources (designer or developer) we may ask them and they manage them manually.

If the project is built properly we may add the client to see when, what tasks will be occurred for their project and when they need to bring feedbacks (as feedbacks happens within tasks). Also if changes happen in the tasks length the gantt chart will be a good information to see how affects to the later steps and when the feedback

We tried instagantt but it’s now enough as we cannot set up daily load times on each project. We have met with hourstack as well but it’s ideal for the team leaders to plan a resource’s day / week but for gantt chart (set up and see dependencies) is not ideal.

We would show the whole project’s gantt chart to our client, but many tasks are just INFO tasks with useful information for the resources without any todo (they never be completed), so probably some tasks must be hidden from the gantt. Also we are using subtask in main tasks to collect each tasks. So there is a design sprint task for a website which collects many subtasks. Probably it’s not a must to show these subtasks to our clients but it’s good if it can be collapsed, so one won’t get lost in the project flow.

Hope the description above could help you but if you have question let me know as we are thrilled to use gantt chart in ASANA :slight_smile:


@Jerry_Sparks just to jump in here. we’re using wrike gantt charts alongside asana (very annoying and time consuming to do). However, for us, wrike have one of the easiest gantt chart tools and easily connect to all their lists and tasks etc.

We would be using the gantt chart tool for our internal team to see what is coming up in one big glance, where dependencies are easier to view as well. our team work in projects that last up to a year, with multiple projects at once. Time is critical for us to having a gantt helps us visualise in advance what needs to happen to reach our milestone.

another thing that wrike does well is offer making certains tasks a milestone which appear on your gantt chart as a milestone flag, this is helpful as well.

I see Asana has release beta of start dates today, it’s a great move towards making this all work together.

PS. Have tried using Instagannt, and I must say the UI and UX isn’t that great compared to other charts I’ve used.


@Jerry_Sparks Hello Jerry - just to add my 2 cents, I’m using instagantt alongside Asana, and while it works well, it would be handier to have it all in one application with tighter integration. I need to share the gantt charts with my team at least on a weekly basis, at the moment i have to export from instagantt as a pdf or jpg and send around on email… I’ve converted the rest of my team to use Asana now, and they seem to get on fine with it, so it’s working well! But the main problem I run into is sharing with instagantt as it’s not all that easy to do, especially where I’ve got several projects, and several sections within those projects…


Jerry- They are used by me, and would be shared w/the rest of the team.

Just buy Instagantt- please! Crossing over to another site is not a solution in this case.

I can’t show both my Asana data and my Instagannt data in the same screen. Smartsheet has this feature.


I love Asana and I really feel like the platform is constantly improving.
Something that would be very helpful is to have the possibility to see the projects in a Gantt Chart view or something similar. What I would like to see is where and when the tasks are overlapping and have a visual of the timeline.
Thanks for this awesome platform! :star_struck:


Tech support has told me a few times the company has NO plans to to Gantt charts into the software. Good luck!


WHYYYYY ??? :weary: It’s honestly the only thing missing in my opinion.


Hi @Raph_Sirhan,

There is a third party application called Instagantt that can be integrated with Asana. You are limited in the free version but can pay for additional projects (after 3 I believe).

Check out this Asana article for more information.


I love it. Thanks a lot Patrick!


@Raph_Sirhan your welcome!


Very excited to announce Timeline today! Check out how it can work for you here:


The UX is pretty neat, however GANTT functionality (with time and critical paths, not just timeline) should be a given, it’s your -main- functionality. Please.


Oops, did not see it, it does have time feature. Critical path would be nice but is not that critical (wink wink). Would be nice though.