Future training ideas


Hello training participants! We’re interested in knowing what kind of trainings you’d like in the future. What can we do to build on the trainings we’ve already created and what kind of content and/or activities would be useful for you?

What training does your team need the most?

Depending on demand, I wouldn’t mind seeing a video (or writeup) on using Asana for GTD.


I think that there is significant information available in the guide including text, videos etc but I am not convinced it fulfills the educational requirements to really learn Asana and contribute to the most proven marketing available “word of mouth”. It feels more like having a kit for building a model airplane, all the pieces are there but assembly required. Asana may be simple but implementation and knowing the feature sets and tips etc is not. The live classes are good but they inherently are organized around a fixed amount of time to cover sometimes lots of information. Other resources such as provided by @Todd_Cavanaugh are excellent and well presented.

Having said all of this, I think it is time that Asana considered the equivalent of an Asana University. It would be evolutionary in its competitive space. The classes would have live instructors, probably held at night just like an online live university. They would probably be 2-3 hour classes held for several weeks meeting once or twice per week with solid interaction, not simply written questions in the form of tasks. They could also have a tuition charge. Class interaction would have to be controlled just like any class so one student does not bog down. I just cannot see how something as comprehensive as asking a company to completely change its workflow execution can be covered with the current available resources. The tuition could even cover some guest lecturers like @Todd_Cavanaugh but that is not my department. If community colleges offer semester long classes on basic Microsoft Office for instance, I think Asana should consider the same. In addition, I still believe at some point @Alexis should consider sub-categories in the Community. The Community of course is loaded with educational information but unless you are tagging a lot of subjects I feel it could be more tightly structured. I know @Alexis mentioned she might consider this in the future as more users and content avails itself. One man’s opinion :slight_smile:


I’d love to see recorded webinars/trainings available to watch whenever. Our team is usually too busy to gather in one place for a live session - not to mention the tricky time difference between England the States.


Hi @Mark_Hudson,

We actually do have self-paced fundamentals trainings that you can sign up for! It’s very similar to the live trainings except that you get a recording and can follow along whenever. You can sign up on the Asana academy. Also, we are starting to hold new webinar times at 10AM BST, the first one being on June 6th. Check out our new list of times on our Go To Webinar page.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the feedback @Geoff_Manning. We could certainly do another deep dive on this, and in the meantime, I’d recommend checking out this webinar we did with Ruben, a GTD expert and founder of Springest: https://asana.com/guide/videos/customer-webinars/tracking-organization/springest


I’ve seen that, but I’d love to see more.