Functionality Request - Individual task dependencies

A function that would greatly improve our experience when using Asana would be to have the ability to make individual tasks independent on each other and on key dates, not just the start and end dates.

Up until now we have been using excel and are able to have formulas e.g. DATE A+ 7 or DATE B -10, and we don’t feel that Asana is enabling us to achieve this as we are trying to transition over to using Asana.

The current dependency function within a project only moves dependent tasks if the tasks completely overlap, and/or we can only have dates dependent on the start or end date. So if we have to change a date midway through the project by two days for example, the other tasks that are dependent on it do not also shift by exactly two days.

Thank you!


+1 yes please! This would massively improve our experiences of Asana.