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Hello -

We are testing out Asana for our agency, as we are desperately in need of a new project management system to keep track of our work (instead of using our current Excel Spreadsheet!) I have created different “teams” in the tool based on the client team that the respective employees work on, and have found the “team calendar” format to be very helpful when viewing all of the team members tasks due that week/month.

Since we have people that work on multiple businesses or “teams”, I wanted to see if there was a way to have ONE calendar view that shows a holistic view for all teams/members/projects.

Ideally, what we would like to be able to do is enter the dates that different team members are scheduled to be out of office, in conjunction with the scheduled work, across all teams/offices to we can manage our team’s capacity.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks for this? Or have you experienced this same need?



Hi @Christen_Hansen - welcome to the Asana Community! We’ll be happy to help.

It sounds like an advanced search would be a good solution for you.

First, I recommend that you create a system for listing OOO in Asana.

  • If you’re on Asana free: You could create an out of office project where everyone on your team lists their OOO dates or simply create an out of office section in another project. Sections and projects are very easy to find in advanced search.

  • If you’re on Asana premium: Or you could do what my team does - we have a team roadmap project in which we list upcoming work, in addition to out of office dates. We add an OOO custom field to all out of office tasks, so they’re very easy to search.

Next, conduct the search. Click into the search bar and select advanced search.

  • Your advanced search will depend on the system you create above. Then you can search by custom field (OOO), due dates, people, projects, etc. to find scheduled work.

Please let us know if you have follow up questions.


Hi Alexis,

I am new to Asana and determining if this is the right tool for our team. Have a similar question about viewing multiple Team Calendars, which have numerous Projects, in one larger Calendar.

Is there a way to view all Team Calendars in one Master Calendar?

Thank you,


@Ana_Nadal advanced search is a great way to do this :slight_smile:

This thread will provide helpful advice: Task Progress visuals

Please let us know if you have questions!