Full Tag View in My Tasks

Is there a setting for me to see the full tag descriptor versus an abbreviated form in My Tasks?

Our web guy gets tasked from multiple sources and needs to triage tasks quickly. We have a finite amount of similar tags he needs to use to assess the task but the tag is abbreviated in the My Tasks view which prevents him from using this as a “dashboard”.

Thanks so much for any assistance!

Hi @Rob_Hosier

Would this be any use to you? https://minimalist-work.com/asana/tags

Here’s a thread that explains a bit more of the functionality:

I’ve tried it myself and it works very well.

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@Rob_Hosier, Would it help to:

  • Use an emoji tag instead of a textual tag, or precede the existing tag’s text with an emoji?
  • Color the tags differently from each other
  • Or both the above together!

These options might help your web guy distinguish among tags in My Tasks list view.