Frontend with 2 admins


Hello everyone, I am new here and just checking out the features. Is it possible to have 2 Admins for the App called Instagantt and then send a link to other users they only can view the diagram. And can`t change anything?

That would be very helpful.


ping @danielguajardok founder of Instagantt :slight_smile:


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman for the ping!

Hi Phillip! I’m the founder of Instagantt.

You can have only 1 admin under your subscription, and Instagantt inherit all the rights your users have in Asana. If you have a project that don’t want to be modified by anyone else, you can create a Private Project, add it to your Instagantt account, and then share with your people a Public Snapshot, which is a read-only link you can share with anyone without the need of having an Instagantt account.

Please let me know if this helps!


Public Snapshots work great, I used them to share some charts with high level managers


@danielguajardok That sounds exactly like what I am looking for. But how can I transform my already published “open” projects into private ones? And how can I create a public snapshot? Thanks a lot


Hi @Phillip

To do a snapshot, click on “Export & Share” in the top left corner of your Instagantt screen, then select “Public Snapshots”.

Public Snapshots

To make private a project, I guess @danielguajardok refers to the status “Public or private” that you can set in Asana (just below members at the top right corner of your Asana screen) but I let him confirms to you that point.

Hope that will help you



Thanks a lot. It is working!

But only one thing. When I do a change in the Instagantt Admin area it is not showing up in the “Public Snapshot”. I am taking the right link to latest. But it is not changing?




I found out my own. You always have to make a new snapshot after doing an update right? Is there something to prevent this. So that everyone with the link always sees the newest version?



@Phillip I have just found that information on Instagantt guide :slight_smile:Public Snapshots

The tip may be your solution.



Hi Guys!

Thanks @Julien_RENAUD for the tips! That’s exactly what I meant.

@Phillip for security reasons, the snapshots are not “live”. They are snapshot at any given time. The “master link” will always redirect to the latest snapshot. So basically the process is that when you want someone to get a new version through the master link, you have to take a new snapshot. It’s like “publishing” the updates :slight_smile: